Workplace Assessments
This service is aimed at those companies that do not yet have a certified in-house assessor, but who wish to participate in a learner ship program, or who wish to certify employees on an RPL basis.. Learn more

Development of learning materials
We have access, through networking, to a wide variety of subject-matter experts, who are able to draw up Curriculum Frameworks, Facilitators Guides, and learning materials, as per your requirements.


We pride ourselves on our superior service as a training provider in this field. We adhere to strict quality control principles and personnel are available at all times to ensure that clients receive the highest standard of training and service. E-mail and telephonic support is available at no extra charge.


Our Mission
CETC provides professional training, consulting services and commits to advancing clients’ competitive edge by providing top quality learning programs

ETDP SETA Accreditation Number: ETDP7633



Workshop Schedule:

2017 Workshop Schedule

Workshop Backgound Information:

RPL Assessor Workshop

RPL Moderator Workshop

SDF Workshop

Facilitator Workshop

Design & Develop Outcomes-based Assessments

Design & Develop Outcomes-based Learning Programme

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