Workplace assessments
This service is aimed at those companies that do not yet have a certified in-house assessor, but who wish to participate in a learner ship program, or who wish to certify employees on an RPL basis.
Workplace moderations (external moderation)
This service will be of particular interest to smaller companies that do not yet have an in-house moderator to fulfill this function.
Assessor Training and Certification
We promise some of the best turn-around times in the industry - from receipt of portfolio, to the issuing of certificates. Discounts can be negotiated by those companies that send more than eight delegates to an assessor workshop.
Moderator Training and Certification
Our rates will be particularly attractive to those companies that want to have employees trained as assessors and moderators in consecutive workshops.
Coaching for RPL assessments against both the Assessor and Moderator unit standards
This option is especially economical when a company has trainers who have extensive assessing experience, but are not certified assessors. The coaching workshop is a shortened version of the normal assessor workshop, and therefore it saves both time and money.
We are especially proud of the fact that we are one of the first companies to design an assessor and moderator RPL (recognition of prior learning) coaching workshop. This workshop is primarily aimed at those clients who have previous assessor and / or moderator experience, and are able to be coached on how to compile a RPL portfolio-of-evidence for certification purposes. This results in a considerable saving in time and cost.
Our Mission
Competitive Edge Training And Consulting provides professional training, consulting services and commits to advancing clients’ competitive edge by providing top quality learning programs.
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