Alignment of existing training materials to the relevant SAQA-registered unit standards
This is the way to go if your company cannot spare the resources within the company to address this sometimes arduous task – we have the necessary expertise to help you overcome this hurdle

Drawing up new unit standards in cases where current training material cannot successfully be aligned to SAQA-registered unit standards
This is a little-used option for many companies. The easier option for most companies is to rather align their training content to the unit standard that “fits” best. This is not always the best option, particularly if your company specializes in a certain field of expertise.


Our Mission
Competitive Edge Training And Consulting provides professional training, consulting services and commits to advancing clients’ competitive edge by providing top quality learning programs.

Design of assessment instruments
Our subject-matter experts will be able to custom-design any assessment instruments that would be appropriate to the outcomes that you wish to assess.
Development of learning materials
We have access, through networking, to a wide variety of subject-matter experts, who are able to draw up Curriculum Frameworks, Facilitators Guides, and learning materials, as per your requirements.
Development of Work-Place Skills Programs
Small and medium-sized companies that want to take advantage of the opportunities that are afforded by the Skills Development Act, but do not want to go the route of appointing someone within the company to do this, will find our rates quite attractive.
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